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Marseille and Aix-en-Provence
January 25—February 10, 2024


Parallèle 14

Based in Marseille, Parallèle is a multi-faceted association. Its activities are all geared towards supporting emerging artistic practices on an international level and bringing contemporary creations to as many people as possible. Parallèle, pratiques artistiques émergentes internationales, was founded in 2006. It is constantly renewing itself, in tune with changes in the world, in society, and in the needs of artists and the cultural sector.

Over the years, Parallèle has developed a complementary and articulated architecture between :

Artist support, production and distribution: Parallèle's production and distribution center (dance, theater, visual arts, performance) is dedicated to the new generation of local, national and international artists. It works to develop artistic projects, support career paths and renew forms and languages. It regularly produces out-of-the-ordinary projects that stand out from the crowd;

Artistic programming since 2006: the Festival Parallèle is a high-profile event organized in partnership with numerous cultural venues in Marseille and Aix-en-Provence. Acting as a breeding ground for artists, it offers an international, multi- and trans-disciplinary program (dance, theater, performance, visual arts) that reveals the aesthetic richness and thought-provoking power of the new generation of artists.

International artistic cooperation: Parallèle is a member of Be My Guest, an international network for emerging practices, and of Radio That Matters, a project dedicated to sound creation as a space of inclusivity for the visually impaired;

Training and professional integration through training programs, meetings, professional tools and artistic mentoring;

Inclusion and solidarity with the most disadvantaged: Parallèle regularly partners with local social organizations (La Cloche, Ramina, Un Autre Monde), with the aim of facilitating access to artworks for the most disadvantaged and involving them in creative experiences.

Parallèle is recognized for its coherence, high artistic standards and the impact of its actions, and is regularly invited by cultural institutions to work on its various projects.

The Festival Parallèle team can be contacted on 06 63 64 25 83 or by e-mail at

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You can also write to us at: 93, la Canebière BL9 - 13001 Marseille - France

  • Management and programming

    Lou Colombani

  • Administration

    Simon Guieu

  • Communication

    Joanne Journée

  • Production and distribution assistant, editing of La Relève 6 notices

    Nadiejda Hachami

  • Production Maud Blandel

    Claudia Petagna

  • Festival coordination

    Frans Robert

  • Festival coordination assistant

    Marie Féréol

  • La Relève 6 project coordination

    Charlotte Morabin

  • Stage management

    Guillaume Parmentelas

  • Ticketing

    Chloé Delacroix

  • Video and photo reportage

    Margaux Vendassi

  • Graphic design

    Manon Bruet, Spassky Fischer et Elena Baranowski

  • Development


  • Association board

    Sophie Lemaire
    Béatrice Simonet
    Trésorière adjointe
    Sophie Clot
    Jean Daniel

  • Boards of directors

    Aurélie Berthaut
    Alexandre Field
    Maxime Kottmann
    Axelle Monge
    Sarah Olaya
    Sébastien Pons

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