artistic practices

Marseille and Aix-en-Provence
January 25—February 10, 2024


Parallèle 14

The Festival Parallèle is also a series of artistic and cultural events for the general public, aimed at actively experimenting with contemporary creation, always in close partnership with educational, social, mutual aid and solidarity organizations. Because contemporary forms explore new sensitive and poetic languages to speak of today's world, we affirm that they concern everyone.

So this year, Parallèle is offering :

- an immersion in the festival for art students in partnership with L'École d'Art d'Aix (ESSAIX) and Beaux-Arts-INSEAMM. We're building a festival immersion program for students, enabling them to see all the shows, meet the artists in the program and develop their critical eye. They will be accompanied by pedagogical supervisors from each school: Abraham Poincheval and Florian Gaîté for ESSAIX, Simon Asencio for Beaux-Arts-INSEAMM.

On the program: rehearsals, dress rehearsals, performances of each show, specific meetings with the artists and the festival director, time for collective conversation between students and teachers to develop a critical analysis of what has been seen, and the creation of a trace of the experience (collective logbook, drawings, texts, podcasts, performances, etc.);

- partnerships with self-help and solidarity organizations such as La Cloche, Un Autre Monde and Culture du Cœur, via a quota of seats offered to their beneficiaries and visibility spaces for the presentation of their respective actions;

- partnerships with ASLA, an association run by visually impaired or blind people, to ensure the accessibility of artworks and the inclusivity of programming spaces;

- artistic practice workshops for children and adults, professionals and amateurs alike;

- educational projects as part of the Pass Culture program and with schools;

- stage-side meetings between artists and audiences after performances.