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Marseille and Aix-en-Provence
January 25—February 10, 2024

Alina Arshi, ENTEPFUHL, 2023

February 7 at 20:30

Duration: 20 min

Friche la Belle de Mai, Petit Plateau

In partnership with La Friche la Belle de Mai

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Rate for 2 shows (Entepfuhl + Outrar) €10/€15

Like the ouroboros, a mythical snake that bites its own tail, Alina Arshi engages her choreographic process through loops and knots of intensity. Twisting her body in series of repetitive movements, echoing the percussive, progressive density of the soundtrack, Alina Arshi stages an all-consuming, visceral gesture, incorporating references to mudrās, symbolic hand gestures practiced in Indian dance. Entepfuhl expresses the quest for identity and the feeling of being out of place when living between several cultures.


Alina Arshi was born in Lucknow, India. She currently works as a dancer and choreographer based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Entepfuhl was created in February 2023 as part of her Bachelor's project at La Manufacture, Haute École des Arts de la Scène.

  • Creation and interpretation

    Alina Arshi

Alina Arshi thanks Les Urbaines, Arsenic and La Manufacture. As well as Nicole Seiler, Jessica Allemann and Filomé Starck.

She points out that the pink fabric in the set design is a hand-sewn quilt (kavand) by Lalitha Siddi from Karnataka. The Siddis are Afro-Indians who settled in the Indian states of Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra over the last five centuries.