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Marseille and Aix-en-Provence
January 25—February 10, 2024

Fanny Lallart, PAROLES D'UN MONDE EN FEU, 2024, work step

February 7 at 19:30

Duration: 25 min

Friche la Belle de Mai, IMMS

In partnership with La Friche la Belle de Mai and IMMS. Commissioned and co-produced by Triangle-Astérides and Parallèle

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Free admission, subject to availability.

Fanny Lallart is conducting research on "drought in the south, our relationship with water, a resource that is both omnipresent and absent in Marseille. The management of water as a common good has been at the center of debate since the Sainte-Soline mobilizations against mega-basins and the repression that followed." This writing project will result in a performance in 2024.


Fanny Lallart lives and works in Marseille. She is an artist, author and publisher. Her work revolves around the sharing of words from a feminist perspective. Reflecting in groups, meeting the actors of alternatives to dominant systems, and learning collectively are the essence of her practice. Like many artists, her economy is fragile, opportunistic and fluctuating: she adds up occasional grants, food jobs and her grandmother's étrennes.In 2019, she is writing a collection entitled 11 textes sur le travail gratuit, l'art et l'amour on the economic issues of her work. She then leads a research residency at CAC Brétigny, called The poetry inside of me is warm like a gun, on questions of justice and reparation. In early 2023, she will take up a research residency at Triangle-Astérides. Deeply affected by the droughts of previous summers in the south of France, she begins a writing project on climate disruption and the anxiety it brings. She is involved with Burn-Août, a publishing house that distributes stories close to her heart. To this day, gathering the people she loves around a table, a bed or a printer makes the most sense to her.

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