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Marseille and Aix-en-Provence
January 25—February 10, 2024

Collective exhibition, LA RELÈVE 6 — Énergies

January 25 at 18:00

Visual arts
Duration: Vernissage from 6pm to 11pm

art-cade* galerie des grands bains douches de la Plaine, Château de Servières

art-cade* galerie des grands bains douches de la Plaine: open until March 30, Tuesday to Saturday, 3pm to 7pm, free admission - Château de Servières: open until March 23, Tuesday to Saturday, 2pm to 6pm, free entrance

Free entrance

Parallèle joins forces with art-cade* galerie des grands bains douches de la Plaine and Le Château de Servières to present the work of visual artists who have recently graduated from art high schools, under the banner of La Relève. This sixth edition, inaugurated as every year on the occasion of the festival, brings together 20 artists selected following a call for projects around the theme of "Energies".

With at Château de Servières : Charlotte Alves, Anicet Oser, Antoine Bondu, Cécile Cornet, Nina Boughanim, Zoë Grant, Mathilde Nicol, Gaspard Postal, Anne Swaenepoel, Célia Tremori, Valentin Vert.
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And art-cade* galerie des grands bains douches de la Plaine : Louise Belin, Jules Cartier, Louison Gallego, Cassandra Naigre, Carlota Sandoval Lizarralde, Floraine Sintes, Jacques Sorrentini Zibjan, Louis Post, Sebastien Vanhulst.
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La Relève 6 selection committee :

Stéphanie Airaud, heritage curator, director of [mac] - Musée d'art contemporain
Aurélie Berthaut, director of art-cade* galerie des grands bains douches de la Plaine, initiator and project developer
Jeanne Barret, co-founder of Collective and the Curriculum Chromé program
Stéphanie Cherpin, artist and teacher at the École des Beaux-Arts de Marseille
Bénédicte Chevallier, director of Mécènes du Sud Aix-Marseille
Lou Colombani, founding director of Parallèle, initiator of the La Relève cooperative project
Inès Geoffroy, exhibition project manager at La Villette and independent curator
Victorine Grataloup, director of Triangle-Astérides
Keimis Henni, co-founder of Artagon, co-director of Magasins Généraux and co-artistic director of La Contemporaine de Nîmes
Guillaume Mansart, head of Documents d'artistes Paca and independent art critic
Diane Pigeau, artistic director of Centre d'art 3 bis f
Martine Robin, curator and director of Château de Servières & PARÉIDOLIE, salon international du dessin contemporain
Mathieu Vabre, co-director of Chroniques and artistic director of the Biennale des Imaginaires Numériques.

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In co-production with Le Château de Servières and art-cade* galerie des grands bains douches de la Plaine. With support from DRAC PACA as part of the Culture pro program and Région Sud as part of the Carte Blanche aux Artistes program.