artistic practices

Marseille and Aix-en-Provence
January 25—February 10, 2024

Clara Buffey & Leo Peralta + Pola_soa avec Akale, Issa & Opti + DouceSoeur, CLOSING NIGHT

February 10 at 20:30

Performance, DJsets
Duration: From 8:30pm to 2am


Co-produced with SOMA et Le Bon Air OFF

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1st or 2nd part: €5 - Evening pass: €8

What better way to close this year's festival than with a very Marseille-based line-up at SOMA? The poetry of Clara Buffey & Leo Peralta will warm our hearts, while the musical recreation of Pola_soa, surrounded by Aakale, Issa and Opti (Marseille - West Africa) will warm our bodies, before a fiery finale with DouceSoeur!

8:30 p.m. - FIRST PART

Clara Buffey & Leo Peralta (performance)
Clara Buffey and Leo Peralta perform a duet, mixing folklore and poetry in fits and starts. Soothing, sad and melancholic, their voices blend together. The nascent nature of a flowering glade of human debris.

10 p.m. - SECOND PART

Polasoa with Akale, Issa & Opti (DJsets)
Polasoa, very well surrounded, offers a set as hot as the desert, as burning as anger and as joyful as a party. She shares the microphone with Akale, Issa and Opti from West Africa, and the track with those who set her on fire. They tell of a journey, a crossing, an arrival somewhere, dreams.

With the complicity of the Ramina network (reception network for unaccompanied minors).

DouceSoeur (Bi :Pole, DJset)
DouceSœur is a Caribbean high fem, half-siren, half-uncle who lives in Marseille. According to her, you know you've had a good night when you've let off all the daily pressure with some "back it up" and twerking. She hits the stage in June 2021 with the idea of helping to make Marseille's party spaces more inclusive, but also of passing on a little piece of her world and the pride of her origins. In her sets, women and queer Afro-descendants take center stage! And it often ends in zouk, salsa or nostalgic dombolo.